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parses XML BMFont files into a JavaScript object
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Parses XML BMFont files.

Takes a string or Buffer:

var fs = require('fs')
var parse = require('parse-bmfont-xml')

fs.readFileSync(__dirname+'/Arial.fnt', function(err, data) {
  var result = parse(data)
  console.log(   // "Arial"
  console.log(result.pages)       // [ 'sheet0.png' ]
  console.log(result.chars)       // [ ... char data ... ]
  console.log(result.kernings)    // [ ... kernings data ... ]

Also works in the browser, for example using XHR:

var parse = require('parse-bmfont-xml')
var xhr = require('xhr')

xhr({ uri: 'fonts/NexaLight32.xml' }, function(err, res, body) {
  if (err)
    throw err
  var result = parse(body)

The spec for the returned JSON object is here. The input XML should match the spec with a <font> root element, see [test/Nexa Light-32.fnt](test/Nexa Light-32.fnt) for an example.

See Also

See text-modules for related modules.



result = parse(data)

Parses data, a string or Buffer that represents XML data of an AngelCode BMFont file. The returned result object looks like this:

     pages: [
     chars: [
         { chnl, height, id, page, width, x, y, xoffset, yoffset, xadvance },
     info: { ... },
     common: { ... },
     kernings: [
         { first, second, amount }

If the data is malformed, an error will be thrown.

The browser implementation relies on xml-parse-from-string, which may not work in environments without valid DOM APIs (like CocoonJS).


MIT, see for details.

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