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bashcritic is a tool to check shell scripts for common pitfalls

bashcritic is in alpha stage: I would appreciate comments as well as suggestions on what could be checked (in addition to the implemented tests)

Mail any critique, comment or suggestion to matteo@corti.lior post them in the ticket section


  • 2008-01-31: version 0.3.3 (alpha): corrected a syntax error in a check rule (#39)
  • 2008-01-30: version 0.3.2 (alpha): some new rules, less error levels and automatic shell detection. See the [source:trunk/Changes@50 change log] for more details.
  • 2007-10-20: version 0.3.0 (alpha): some new rules (#11, #15, #18 and #22), does not process comments and strings (#3) and some minor fixes (#32). See the [source:trunk/Changes@41 change log] for more details.
  • 2007-10-18: version 0.2.1 (alpha): bug fix release (r27 fixes a program crash due to an error in a rule definition)
  • 2007-10-17: version 0.2.0 (alpha): several improvements and corrections (mainly from


      bashcritic [-012 | --info | --cosmetic | --error]
                 [--posix | --bourne]
                 [--severity number]
                 [--ignore_shebang ]
                 [--list [format]]
                 [-verbose ]
                 {FILE | STDIN}


        --error,-e,-0        report only errors
        --cosmetic,-c,-1     report errors and cosmetic problems
        --info,-i,2          report error, cosmetic problems and minor issues

        --posix              script should be POSIX compliant
        --bourne             script should be Bourne shell compatible

        --list [format]      lists implemented tests (formats: trac)

        --ignore-shebang     ignores the script shebang
        --[no-]color         colorize output

        --help,-h,-?         prints this help message
        --verbose,-v         increase verbosity
        --version,-V         prints program version and exits


Short list of documents and resources that has to be checked for rules

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