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© Matteo Corti, ETH Zurich, 2007-2012

© Matteo Corti, 2007-2024


see AUTHORS for the complete list of contributors


check_updates is a Nagios plugin to check if RedHat or Fedora system is up-to-date


If at least a security update is available the plugin will return a critical status. This can be overridden with the --number-only command line option


DNF uses different caches per user. This has the consequence that DNF and the plugin will potentially deliver different results for different users.

YUM security plugin

Use one of the following commands to install the YUM security plugin:

  • Fedora, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.x, CentOS 6.x, Scientific Linux 6.x systems:
yum install yum-plugin-security
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.x, CentOS 5.x and Scientific Linux 5.x systems:
yum install yum-security