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Disco Contributors
This file lists Disco authors based on
git shortlog -s | sort -rn
For full details, run
git shortlog
Contributor's username in GitHub, if known, is in parentheses.
Ville Tuulos / Nokia Research Center (tuulos)
Jared Flatow / Nokia Research Center (jflatow)
Prashanth Mundkur / Nokia Research Center (pmundkur)
Taneli Mielikainen / Nokia Research Center (tmielika)
Ruslan Spivak (rspivak)
Jarno Seppanen / Nokia Research Center (jarnsepp)
Valentino Volonghi (dialtone)
Travis Cline (traviscline)
Roberto Aguilar (rca)
Jerry Zhou (zhou)
Mistobaan (Mistobaan)
Gergely Erdelyi (gergelyerdelyi)
Quinn Slack (sqs)
Paul Smith (paulsmith)
Eran Sandler (erans)
Attila Babo (issuu)
Jan Tore Morken (jantore)
Jiri Kaiser
Other patches by:
Ryan Maus (ryan-maus)
Wes Chow
Rich Hankins / Nokia Research Center
Kostis Sagonas
Tomaz Solc
Jason R. Surratt (jsurratt)
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