My way-overdone zsh config scripts
Latest commit 9583f61 Feb 14, 2016 @mattfoster Switch to shelling out to hostname
%m keep getting polluted with command fragments and making my titles
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01_path Only use GREP_OPTIONS when it's not deprecated Apr 26, 2015
03_help Update help directory selection. Jan 17, 2011
04_tmux Ensure tmux is started in 256 colour mode with unicode Apr 12, 2014
05_editor Attempting to speed things up a bit. May 2, 2012
05_grep Only use GREP_OPTIONS when it's not deprecated Apr 26, 2015
05_ls Add some aliases to frequently used ls args Feb 22, 2015
05_network Switch the order of DNS resolution/IP check May 7, 2015
05_vpn Fix path to ~/Applications Apr 16, 2014
06_dirs ruby and pushd/popd aliases Jul 3, 2008
06_finding added mdhere function, moved mdloc Aug 26, 2008
06_history Make the h command behave more like humanism's Feb 21, 2015
06_less Use new is-mac-terminal function to decide on colour use. Nov 20, 2010
06_man Stupid manpage formatting tricks Oct 7, 2008
10_dash Add functions supporting Dash Apr 26, 2015
10_hooks Switch to shelling out to hostname Feb 14, 2016
10_prompt Updated README with more info on my prompt. Jan 9, 2011
default_zkbd My zkbd goes up to 11 (actually 12) Sep 2, 2008
env fixed weird shlvl problem. Nov 21, 2008
install Stop never-ending symlink creation when install is run Apr 26, 2015
rc Remove cheat stuff Apr 26, 2015

Matt Foster's zshkit fork

An easily extensible collection of stuff for zsh.

Prompt info

I've included my prompt, 'Minimal VCS. As the name suggests this is a minimal prompt with VCS information via vcs_info. For this to work, you'll need a version zsh > 4.3.6 (IIRC).

See func/minimal_vcs_setup for details, or run:

autoload promptinit && promptinit
prompt -h minimal_vcs

Proper functioning requires the 10_hooks to be loaded too, since vcs_info must be run to update the prompt. It's also so minimal that you'll probably want useful the useful information included in the title function.

Current issues:

  • I haven't found a way to easily show when the repo is dirty.
  • I keep seeing bits and bobs alluding to a 'new prompt colour' syntax, but I can't find any docs.