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My way-overdone zsh config scripts
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Add coreutils dirs to PATH and MANPATH

The coreutils aliases file has gone, so I can no longer use that.
However, there are unprefixed directories I can use instead.

Should I make this optional
latest commit 58c4a60f88
@mattfoster authored
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disabled Attempting to speed things up a bit.
func These colours work fine on CentOS 5's zsh (4.2.6)
.gitignore Ignore vim swap files.
01_path Add coreutils dirs to PATH and MANPATH
03_help Update help directory selection.
03_zkbd Attempting to speed things up a bit.
04_tmux Ensure tmux is started in 256 colour mode with unicode
05_apt removed silly alias
05_editor Attempting to speed things up a bit.
05_grep Remove some empty lines
05_ls Add some aliases to frequently used ls args
05_octave added octave aliases
05_rsync Add common rsync command alias
05_vpn Fix path to ~/Applications
06_dirs ruby and pushd/popd aliases
06_finding added mdhere function, moved mdloc
06_git Adding support back for zsh < 4.3.6
06_history Make the h command behave more like humanism's
06_less Use new is-mac-terminal function to decide on colour use.
06_man Stupid manpage formatting tricks
06_rbenv Check rbenv is available.
07_completion moved completion function.
10_bindkey Attempting to speed things up a bit.
10_chrome osascript to open a new chrome window + url
10_hooks Add hostname to screen/tmux titles
10_prompt Renamed prompt to minimal_vcs Updated README with more info on my prompt.
default_zkbd My zkbd goes up to 11 (actually 12)
env fixed weird shlvl problem.
install added func dir
rc Attempting to speed things up a bit.

Matt Foster's zshkit fork

An easily extensible collection of stuff for zsh.

Prompt info

I've included my prompt, 'Minimal VCS. As the name suggests this is a minimal prompt with VCS information via vcs_info. For this to work, you'll need a version zsh > 4.3.6 (IIRC).

See func/minimal_vcs_setup for details, or run:

autoload promptinit && promptinit
prompt -h minimal_vcs

Proper functioning requires the 10_hooks to be loaded too, since vcs_info must be run to update the prompt. It's also so minimal that you'll probably want useful the useful information included in the title function.

Current issues:

  • I haven't found a way to easily show when the repo is dirty.
  • I keep seeing bits and bobs alluding to a 'new prompt colour' syntax, but I can't find any docs.
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