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Task extractor for MATLAB
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Using MATLAB comments to track tasks seemed like the most agile solution to all my problems. The mattasks project recursively scans a directory for any comment with the format [ ] This is a task! and exports a pretty markdown file with every task, from every file.

How to

You can use mattasks two ways based on the useWorkingDir configuration variable:

  1. Place mattasks.m in your working directory and set useWorkingDir = true.
  2. Keep the mattasks repository anywhere and select a directory at runtime with useWorkingDir = false.

All tasks are identified with the regex pattern: \[(x| )\].* The following are valid task formats (see the tests directory for inline examples) which can appear on their own line or next to uncommented code:

  • a = 3; % [ ] Reset a to positive number
  • % [x] Exclude the following line after Joey fixes his code


All of the configuration variables can be found at the top of the mattasks.m file.

Variable Type Description
useWorkingDir boolean true uses working directory and false opens the folder selection dialog at runtime
tasksFilename string sets the output filename (recommended: or
fileExtensions cell list of file extensions to search through
skipString string all tasks appearing in a file after this string is encountered are skipped
openTaskFile boolean true opens the task file when done and false does not
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