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Matthew Brett's fork of BibStuff

This is my own fork of bibstuff. The original project can now be found at

The fork was mainly to add the sphinx bibref extension.

I'm retiring that extension now, because sphinxcomtrib_bibtex does a better job of the same thing, is better maintained, and is working from more modern foundations.

So, if you are using the bibref extension here, I humbly beg that you switch to using sphinxcontrib_bibtex instead.

My personal site used to use bibref, but now uses sphinxcontrib_bibtex, so you may want to check out the site source for hints on porting.

The original README follows.

README: BibStuff (TM)

authors:Dylan W. Schwilk and Alan G. Isaac
web site:
source code:

BibStuff License

See license.txt, which must be included when this software is distributed.


Simply type 'python install' in the unpacked directory.

Command-line tools (scripts)

These tools are installed in you python scripts directory or they can be run directly from where they were unpacked. Each of these tools has a command line interface and provides the -h option to describe usage.


    Creates unique keys for entries bibtex database(s). default keys look like Schwilk+Isaac:2006 or Smith+Johnson+etal:1999 Command line options allow you to change the default behavior.


    Search through a bibtex database for entries by key or by regular expression. Results can be output as a (minimally) formatted reference, a full bibtex entry, or by key. Note that bibsearch always takes a database by name (-f option or first argument) standard input is used for search terms.


    Creates formatted references for a text dodument. (Useful for reStructuredText documents.) Interacts with a Bibtex style database file (without using LaTeX or bibtex). The source text file should include citation references in reStructuredText format: a citation key enclosed in brackets, followed by an underscore. Citation keys cannot be all digits. The source document can be output with formatted citation references substituted. In this case, the reference list is added to the end of the file.


    Create list of author/editor names for a bibtex database. Options allow you to specify a name template. See the module documentation for details.


    Replaces all journal names in a bibtex file with alternative names (abbreviations). The abbreviation file should be in the format: <ABBREVIATION> = <LONG_NAME> (see /examples/journal_names.txt). I've also provides a short script in the /examples directory that will take the list of journal abbreviations at and produce a format readable by


    Creates a list of keys from a latex .bbl file. This tool simply extracts reference keys from the bbl file. This is useful for creating a bibtex database limited to those references which occur only in a single latex file.

    example: my_doc.bbl | -l my_db.bib > new_db.bib


Package: bibstuff

Package: bibstuff/bibstyles

Spinx extension

There's a sphinx extension using bibstuff in the sphinxext directory. See the comments in sphinext/ for more details.


No tests available yet

Related Projects

For more information on BibTeX, see the excellent discussion in chapter 13 section 4 of The LaTeX Companion.