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Bespin updated jquery, added like button and +1 button, changed loading of e…
devel nearly got it working well, just need to finish a few more things
lib is giving me a lot of problems, between not being easy to l…
npm_command finishing up v0.0.1 of jsapp command
sandbox fixed minor problem with being able to get caller function
static fixed href on +1 button
.gitignore add config.js to gitignore
.gitmodules added coffee 1.0.0 (submodule)
Makefile added a simple make file for building Bespin and then running the code
README updated readme to include information about the makefile
config.sample.js got the basic console working, added modifications to the sandbox to …
db.notes finished with the profile view, starting the sharing of code
db.nstore.js trying to bring nstore up to date with what tyrant has
db.tyrant.js added sharing of code
front-end.js making coffee script/all suffix, work with sharing
gpl-3.0.txt adding gpl
master.js added some support for restarting if hanging, moved config file to sa…
test.js nearly got it working well, just need to finish a few more things


This is the code base from

There is a Makefile to get you up and running quickly.
1) git clone
2) cd node-host
3) make

To get started developing
Install nginx ( ) and load in the config file from devel/nginx.conf
     git submodule update --init --recursive
     ln -s db.nstore.js db.js
     ln -s config.sample.js config.js
     cd Bespin/BespinEmbedded
     ./ ../settings.json
     cd ../..
     python devel/ 
     node master.js
then configure you web browser to proxy through localhost:8000, this will redirect any request to to your local nginx install 
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