Simple type checking for JavaScript in the browser and node.js
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IS (is-simple)

Quick, easy, and lightweight type checking


Type checking should be simple. This library does that, in as simple of a way that I can think of. It's easy to get tripped up with some of the neuances of JavaScript (such as typeof null === "object", or isNaN("wtf") === true), and this library aims to prevent that.



npm install is-simple

In the browser

<script src="is.js"/>


// simple type checking
console.log(is.number(5)); // true
console.log(is.integer(2.5)); // false
console.log(is.function(console.log)); // true

// complex type checking
function Point(x, y) {
    this.x = x;
    this.y = y;

var point = new Point(2, 4);
var fakePoint = {x: 2, y: 4};

console.log(is.instanceOf(Point)(p)); // true
console.log(is.instanceOf(Point)(fakePoint)); // false

// even more complex type checking
console.log(is.arrayOf(is.number)([1, 2, 3])); // true
console.log(is.arrayOf(is.instanceOf(Point))([point])); // true

Using your own functions

You can easily extend IS by adding your own functions. These functions can also be passed in to is.arrayOf.

is.even = function (x) {
    return x % 2 === 0;

console.log(is.even(4)); // true
console.log(is.arrayOf(is.even)([2, 4, 6, 8])); // true

Matching Basic JavaScript Types

NOTE: typeof null === "object", but IS considers null to not be an object

matches is.array is.number is.boolean is.string is.fn is.object
null, undefined no no no no no no
NaN, Infinity no yes no no no no
0, 2, -5 no yes no no no no
0.5, Math.PI no yes no no no no
true, false no no yes no no no
"", "hello" no no no yes no no
[], [1, 2, 3] yes no no no no yes
{} no no no no no yes
function () {}, console, window, Object no no no no yes yes

Special Types

NOTE: we treat "" as defined

matches is.defined is.realNumber is.integer
null, undefined no no no
NaN, Infinity no no no
0, 2, -5 yes yes yes
0.5, Math.PI yes yes no
true, false yes no no
"", "hello" yes no no
[], [1, 2, 3] yes no no
{} yes no no
function () {}, console, window, Object yes no no

Specific Checks

is.nan is only true if passed in NaN. is.undefined is only true if passed in undefined.


npm install -g mocha
npm test