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Store your Heroku credentials in your .git/config.
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Heroku Auth Gitconfig

Store your Heroku credentials in your .git/config.

This way, you won't have to manually re-authenticate if you work on apps with different owners and need to perform owner-only operations (say, installing add-ons) on them.


heroku plugins:install git://


During the course of your normal `heroku` command-line usage, you'll automatically be prompted for your credentials, which will then be stored in your .git/config. Done.

If you generally use the same account all the time, you can

git config --global heroku.account <EMAIL>
git config --global heroku.password <PASSWORD>

And so on.


Inspired by David Dollar's work-in-progress more comprehensive take on this idea: Once that's ready, you'll probably prefer it to this little thing.

(And really, has no one done this before? Maybe my GitHub search skills are failing me.)

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