3D WebGL platformer game based on THREE.BasicThirdPersonGame
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3D WebGL platformer game based on THREE.BasicThirdPersonGame

Platforms is small JavaScript/HTML5/CSS3/WebGL demo game project which was developed together with the THREE.BasicThirdPersonGame framework. It's a free open source JavaScript micro-framework for WebGL games based on THREE.js and Cannon.js.


The code of the Platforms game was made open source to give game developers and users of THREE.BasicThirdPersonGame an insight of how a final game project could look like. So there's no documentation for the game itself but the code is commented at some places.


You can play the final game on its website.


The project is mainly intented for a comparison of the THREE.BasicThirdPersonGame examples' code. The package also contains a Gruntfile which combines and obfuscates all library and game files into one minified game.js.


A last important notice here applies to the used versions of THREE.js and Cannon.js. Both scripts are under active development and improved by their authors from time to time. Platforms is based on THREE.js r61 and Cannon.js 0.5.0 (fork by Daniel Ribeiro).


Platforms is released under the MIT license.