A Flutter widget to create an iOS settings-table (static TableView).
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A Flutter widget to create an iOS settings-table (static TableView).

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  • Basic items (CSHeader, CSWidget, CSControl, CSButton, CSLink)
  • Support for icons
  • Item selection
  • Dynamic lists
  • Themes
import 'package:flutter_cupertino_settings/flutter_cupertino_settings.dart';

CSWidgetStyle brightnessStyle = const CSWidgetStyle(
    icon: const Icon(Icons.brightness_medium, color: Colors.black54)

new CupertinoSettings(<Widget>[
    new CSHeader('Brightness'),
    new CSWidget(new CupertinoSlider(value: 0.5), style: brightnessStyle),
    new CSControl('Auto brightness', new CupertinoSwitch(value: true), style: brightnessStyle,),
    new CSHeader('Selection'),
    new CSSelection(['Day mode','Night mode'], (index) {print(index);}, currentSelection: 0),
    new CSHeader(),
    new CSControl('Loading...', new CupertinoActivityIndicator()),
    new CSButton(CSButtonType.DEFAULT, "Licenses", (){ print("It works!"); }),
    new CSHeader(),
    new CSButton(CSButtonType.DESTRUCTIVE, "Delete all data", (){})