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an amazon s3 clone and bittorrent service (in ruby)
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bin tweak gem dependency so that activesupport 2.2.x is used, not 2.3 Mar 24, 2009
lib Don't raise exception when the bucket already exists. S3 doesn't do that Oct 23, 2009
static * bin/parkplace: fix the default admin warning. Oct 10, 2006
COPYING * Rakefile: build gems, install, uninstall, docs. May 3, 2006
README * README: basic instructions. Apr 19, 2006
Rakefile * Rakefile: whoooops, the gem was missing the css and stuff. May 4, 2006


  Park Place                                               an Amazon-S3 clone

  Okay, so, you've checked out from Subversion and you want to get this suckr
  up and everything.

  First, a checklist:

    1. Do you have Camping and Mongrel installed?

         gem install camping mongrel --include-dependencies

    2. I would also recommend the `sendfile' gem if you're on non-Windows.

         gem install sendfile

    3. Do you have SQLite3 installed?  (If you don't want to mess with the
       database driver.)

         Follow these instructions EXACTLY AS WRITTEN:

  Okay, time to turn it on:


  Once you're sold, you can go ahead and install it for reals:

    sudo ruby setup.rb

         for more, visit:
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