An angular 6.0+ directive that allows an element to be dragged and resized
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angular resizable element

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An angular 6.0+ directive that allows an element to be dragged and resized


Install through npm:

npm install --save angular-resizable-element

Then use it in your app like so:

import { Component } from '@angular/core';
import { ResizeEvent } from 'angular-resizable-element';

  selector: 'demo-app',
  // you should add some more styles to the element. See the demo folder for a more fleshed out example
  styles: [
    mwlResizable {
      box-sizing: border-box; // required for the enableGhostResize option to work
  template: `
      [resizeEdges]="{bottom: true, right: true, top: true, left: true}"
export class MyComponent {
  onResizeEnd(event: ResizeEvent): void {
    console.log('Element was resized', event);

// now use within your apps module
import { NgModule } from '@angular/core';
import { ResizableModule } from 'angular-resizable-element';

  declarations: [MyComponent],
  imports: [ResizableModule],
  bootstrap: [MyComponent]
class MyModule {}

You may also find it useful to view the demo source.


All documentation is auto-generated from the source and can be viewed here:


Prepare your environment

  • Install Node.js and NPM (should come with)
  • Install local dev dependencies: npm install while current directory is this repo

Development server

Run npm start to start a development server on port 8000 with auto reload + tests.


Run npm test to run tests once or npm run test:watch to continually run tests.


npm run release