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Python Web Frameworks Comparison

Have you ever wanted to see how web application code differs based on using Django, Flask, Bottle or some other web framework? This repository contains the same non-trivial web app built with various frameworks, object-relational mappers, form handlers and templating engines.

What is the web app?

The application is a contacts manager with standard create, read, update and delete (CRUD) situations along with some Twilio Voice to make the application useful by handling conference calling and transcriptions.


Name Framework Templates Forms ORM
flask_jinja_sqlalchemy Flask Jinja WTForms SQLAlchemy
bottle_jinja_sqlalchemy Bottle Jinja SQLAlchemy
django_defaults Django default default Django ORM

Note: The Django version is not yet complete. It will be finished in the next coding livestream.

Upcoming Projects

Name Framework Templates Forms ORM
morepath_jinja_sqlalchemy Morepath Jinja SQLAlchemy
pyramid_mako_sqlalchemy Pyramid Mako WTForms SQLAlchemy
falcon_jinja_sqlalchemy Falcon Jinja SQLAlchemy

Watch the code being written

I live stream building the apps on my channel.