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An Interface to WEB APIs.


Currently this library supports the following protocols:

  • Basic HTTP
  • OAuth
  • Atompub
  • SOAP (in progress)
  • MetaWeblog API

This library contains:

  • XML Parser
  • HTML Parser(Hack Way)
  • JSON Parser
  • BASE64 Hash Algorithm
  • SHA1 Hash Algorithm
  • HMAC HASH Algorithm
  • Bit Operation Library
  • Converter for "UTF-8 to Unicode"


Copy the files in this library to your .vim directory. Alternatively, if you use pathogen, copy this folder to your .vim/bundle directory.


You need the curl command, which can be downloaded from here:


the wget command, available here:


Yukihiro Nakadaira :

  • autoload/base64.vim (I added small changes)
  • autoload/hmac.vim
  • autoload/sha1.vim


Public Domain

Project Authors

Yasuhiro Matsumoto (a.k.a mattn)

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