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Node Bootcamp

Node Bootcamp is a series of free events aimed at helping new Node.JS developers get from no Node experience whatsoever to being able to produce their first basic Express and Socket.IO applications.

Event Format

The general format for these events is this:

  1. Spend the morning taking some hands-on training from Node.JS experts;
  2. Spend the afternoon and early evening building your first Node.JS project; and finally
  3. Have your projects submitted for judging and prizes.

Lesson Plan

Here's what you can expect to learn at Node Bootcamp:

  1. Hour 1: Introduction to Node.JS

    • "Hello World" from Azure
      • How to set up an Azure account
      • How to configure Cloud9 to deploy to Azure
      • Deploy a "Hello World!"
    • What is Node and how does it work?
    • The Node Event Loop
    • JavaScript and Node
    • JavaScript primer
      • Objects and variables
      • The JavaScript typing system
      • Functions
      • JavaScript event model and callbacks
      • Closures and passing arguments
      • Node.JS patterns for functions
    • Creating Node projects
      • Hello World
      • What a Node project looks like in the filesystem
    • Node modules
      • Introduction to modules
      • Writing your own module
      • Using Node Package Manager (npm)
      • Package.json
  2. Hour 2: Node and Web Applications

    • HTTP and Node
      • Ports and process.env.PORT
    • Responding to requests
      • Response object
      • Content types
    • Working with the filesystem
      • Reading files
      • Sending files in response objects
      • Caching
      • File watchers
    • A Modern Application Framework
      • Recap on previous lessons
      • Requirements for modern applications
      • Example of a modern app
      • Node.js enables concurrency
    • Socket.io: A Primer
      • Why use Socket.io?
      • Creating a connection between client and server
      • Sending data to the client
      • Example application
  3. Hour 3: Building Real Web Applications with Node

    • Saving Files
      • Overview of Windows Azure Blob Storage
      • Saving files to Blob Storage
      • Getting files from Blob Storage
    • Working with a Database
      • Overview of Windows Azure Table Storage
      • Using Azure Table Storage in Node.JS
        • Azure Table Storage Entity Conventions
        • Creating a strongly-typed data model for Table Storage
        • Saving records
        • Looking up a specific key
        • Queries
        • Updating records
        • Continuations and pagination (for reference only - leave it out of the talk)
    • Working with Cookies
      • What are cookies?
      • Setting cookie values
      • Getting cookie values
      • Deleting cookies


Here are some of the tool and platforms we will be using throughout Node bootcamp:


Here's what the schedule looks like:

  • 9:00am – Doors open
  • 9:30am – Hands-on training begins
  • 12:30pm – Training ends; Lunch
  • 12:45pm - "Node in the Real World" by Dan Yoder, Founder of Spire.IO
  • 1:00pm – Node bake-off begins (create your own project from scratch)
  • 5:00pm – Node bake-off ends; Judging of projects begins
  • 6:00pm - Judging is finished – prizes and other magical things

Upcoming Events

  1. Los Angeles, CA - 2/18/2012 (register)

Coming soon!

Additional Resources

Other useful things for you to check out in addition to the content at Node Bootcamp.