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*Note: I haven't coded in ruby before, so feel free to point out mistakes/corrections, etc, etc.

SiriIMDB is a Siri Proxy plugin that allows you to ask Siri for movie/tv recommendations, get movie/tv show ratings, and retrieve other information about movies/tv shows from IMDB.

SiriIMDB was created by parm289.  You are free to use, modify, and redistribute this gem as long as proper credit is given to the original author.

	The currently implemented commands are (where ____ is the title of a movie or TV show):
		"Should I see _____?" - Siri will get the movie/show's rating and suggest whether or not it's worth seeing.
		"How many stars did ____ get?" - Siri will return the movie/show's rating.
		"Who is [was] in ____?" - Siri will tell you the 3 main actors in the movie/show.
		"Who is the lead actor in _____?" - Siri will tell you the lead actor in the movie/tv show.
		"Who directed ____?" - Siri will tell you the director of the movie/show.
		"When was ____ released?" - Siri will return the release date of the movie.

Installation (untested):
	To install SiriIMDB, edit your Siri Proxy config.yml file to include the parameters listed in SiriIMDB' config-info.yml file.  Then, run "bundle install" in your Siri Proxy directory to install the SiriIMDB gem.