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Tabs v Spaces #211

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No one can agree on tabs v spaces. Fact! ICEcoder uses tabs as the unit because I prefer to code with them as the indent unit. However, many/most people use spaces (insane as that may be). ;-)

Still, I need to allow for both methods. So, add a new setting of 'indent type' and a dropdown with options for tabs or spaces. Rename tabWidth to indentWidth and make CodeMirror use this method of indentation.

I'm keeping the default as 'tabs' tho!! :D


All done as detailed. Done & closed.

@mattpass mattpass closed this

What about settings to have tab as spaces? I am moving from Notepad++ to IceCoder and am missing the tab to spaces function where pressing the tab key will insert 4 spaces instead of a tab.

@mattpass mattpass reopened this

Didn't know that was a function but sounds useful. Will check & see if CodeMirror (the editing component of ICEcoder) provides that in some way, if not will add code to handle that. Reopened.


From CodeMirror manual:

Common example: map the Tab key to insert spaces instead of a tab character.

Tab: function(cm) {
var spaces = Array(cm.getOption("indentUnit") + 1).join(" ");


Good spot, can look to implement that into editor.php.

@mattpass mattpass added the Version 5.2 label
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