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Alias Templates

This was intended as a (self) motivating example to start 'paying it back' and try writing blog posts about C++ GameDev - more importantly, writing posts that are useful enough and hopefully detailed enough that they'll stick around in search engines and actually help someone out of a sticky situation.

I'd stumbled upon the lack of support for template typedefs during a recent project and found all the supporting documentation, posts etc. commonly referenced the STL for examples of correct use.

Problem with the STL is that not everyone is intimitely familiar with its workings and it can seem a bit intimidating, so I thought I would try and put a gaming spin on things.


Template Typedef workarounds are dead, there's a better approach in C++ 11.

Project Setup

Lo-fi, three seperate console applications, each attempting to model a simple gamelike scenario using simple techniques:

  • ObjectOriented - One typical OO approach to the solution.
  • TemplateTypedef - A (now deprecated) attempt at a Generic Programming solution.
  • AliasTemplates - A better way to deal with the fiddly, ugly parts of the TemplateTypedef solution.