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This package is a collection of tools, templates, and more that I find useful in most of my Django projects. If you find them useful, feel free to include it in your projects as well.

The template 'django_shared/base.html' is intended to be extended by all templates in your app. It uses the html5boilerplate project (http:// and automatically sets up HTML 5 support using modernizr. In addition, jQuery is available by default and some basic CSS.


Code is found at::

The easiest way to install is using pip::

pip install git+

You can also install by downloading the source file and running::

python install


I have tried to keep requirements to a minimum. Obviously, Django (>=1.3) is required, and I like to use class-based template tags, so django-classy-tags (>=0.3.4) is also required. If you use pip to install, then these dependencies will be taken care of automatically.

This library has been tested on python >2.6.


Here is a list of a few things I will be working on over the next couple months:

  • Test coverage
  • Upgrading boilerplate
  • SaSS/CSS review



Apache 2.0; see LICENSE file