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yet another network load monitor

branch: upstream
slurm - yet another network load monitor

*** see Changelog for Changes ***

slurm started as a FreeBSD port of the Linux ppp link monitor called
pppstatus by Gabriel Montenegro.
I ripped of the ppp dependent parts and the email checks to turn in into
a generic network load monitor for *BSD, Linux, HP-UX and Solaris.


    - "realtime" traffic statistics
    - three graph modes: combined RX and TX and two split views
    - can monitor any network device
    - curses ascii graphics
	- ascii theme support

slurm was tested on:

 - FreeBSD >= 4.6 -stable (earlier should work but not tested)
 - FreeBSD 6.x -current (May '02 and later, earlier version should work)
 - Debian GNU/Linux stable and unstable
 - SuSE 8.0 and 8.1
 - OpenBSD 3.x/i386 /sparc64
 - NetBSD 1.6-stable/sgimips and /x86, NetBSD 2.0-RC1/sparc64
 - HP-UX B.11.00 (10.xx won't work as a result of missing MIB functions. That
                  could change somedays if we decide to implement dlpi API
                  calls, which are supported at least in 10.20, in slurm.)
 - Solaris 7/sparc (Ultra 30 and E250)
 - Solaris 8/sparc (X1, E450, E10k)
 - Solaris 9/sparc (Ultra 30, Sunfire 280,480)
 - Solaris 8/intel (iprb network interface)
 - MicroBSD 0.6RC2/x86
 - DragonFly 1.1/i386


official releases come with GNU configure so ./configure && make should do it.
In all other cases autoheader && autoconf && ./configure && make is
appropriate to build slurm.
Please report all problems as I just switched to autoconf as of 0.2.1

  author: Hendrik Scholz

As pppstatus is licensed under the GPL, slurm is too.

$Id: README,v 1.19 2004/10/12 20:04:53 hscholz Exp $
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