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es2graphite gathers elasticsearch stats and status information and sends them to a graphite server. One or more elasticsearch hosts can be specified and requests will be round-robined between each server.


  • node stats
  • node disk allocation
  • indices stats
  • indices status
  • cluster health
  • segments status


  • each metric starts with a prefix + the cluster name
  • metrics will be sent to graphite at the specified interval
  • node names will be used in metrics vs. node id's
  • if a shard is moved to a new node, a new metric using the new node name is used
  • cluster status:
    • 0 = red
    • 1 = yellow
    • 2 = green
  • shard state:
    • 0 = created
    • 1 = recovering
    • 2 = started
    • 3 = relocated
    • 4 = closed
  • metrics are sent to graphite via tcp payload
usage: [-h] [-p PREFIX] [-g GRAPHITE_HOST] [-o GRAPHITE_PORT]
                      [-i INTERVAL] [-l LOG_FILE]
                      [--health-level {cluster,indices,shards}]
                      [--log-level {info,warn,error,debug}]
                      [--protocol {plaintext,pickle}] [--stdout]
                      [--shard-stats] [--segments] [-d] [-v]
                      ES_HOST [ES_HOST ...]

Send elasticsearch metrics to graphite

positional arguments:
  ES_HOST               elasticsearch host:port

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -p PREFIX, --prefix PREFIX
                        graphite metric prefix. Default: es
  -g GRAPHITE_HOST, --graphite-host GRAPHITE_HOST
                        graphite hostname. Default: localhost
  -o GRAPHITE_PORT, --graphite-port GRAPHITE_PORT
                        graphite port. Default: 2004
  -i INTERVAL, --interval INTERVAL
                        interval in seconds. Default: 60
  -l LOG_FILE, --log-file LOG_FILE
                        full path to the log file. Default: ./es2graphite.log
  --health-level {cluster,indices,shards}
                        The level of health metrics. Default: indices
  --log-level {info,warn,error,debug}
                        The logging level. Default: warn
  --protocol {plaintext,pickle}
                        The graphite submission protocol. Default: pickle
  --stdout              output logging to stdout. Default: False
  --shard-stats         Collect shard level stats metrics. Default: False
  --segments            Collect low-level segment metrics. Default: False
  -d, --dry-run         Print metrics, don't send to graphite. Default: False
  -v, --verbose         Verbose output. Default: False