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YouTube Metadata

A quick way to gather all the metadata about a video, playlist, or channel from the YouTube API.


What's unique about this tool? How can you use it?

  1. If you're curious about a video and its author, playlist and its creator, or channel
  2. If you're curious about an entire playlist's videos or channel's videos
  3. Use it as an API-explorer
    • Grabs every part available
    • Provides shareable link
  4. Use it for investigative purposes and OSINT
    • Tells you what if found and what it didn't find
    • Auto-translations of language and country codes
    • Geolocation direct link to Google Maps
    • Interpretation and display of meaningful fields
    • Reverse image search thumbnails
    • Archive video and channel data that may disappear
  5. Assist in finding private, deleted, and unlisted videos
    • Option to inspect videos in a channel's created playlists to find unlisted videos
    • Link to various resources with prefilled parameters:, Filmot, SocialBlade, and Google
    • Queries Filmot to see if it has data for private and deleted videos
  6. Export and import
    • Save data as a zip
    • Import zip to view in app again later
    • Both raw json data from the api and csv from the tables


For more details and notes about YouTube metadata and the API, check out the wiki!


Refer to for instructions on how to build and run from source.


Contributions are welcome, refer to for more detail.


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