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Java Koans

Build Status

Running Instructions:

  • Download and unarchive the contents of the most recent java-koans in development from:
  • Open a terminal and cd to the directory you unarchived: cd <the directory you just unarchived>
  • Within it you'll find:
    • koans: this directory contains the application and its lessons, it is all that is needed to advance through the koans themselves and it can be distributed independently
    • lib: this directory contains the code the koans engine is comprised of and built with
    • gradle: wrapper for build library used to build koans source, setup project files in eclipse/idea, run tests, etc. you probably don't need to touch anything in here
  • Change directory to the koans directory: cd koans
  • If you are using windows enter: run.bat or ./ if you are using Mac or Linux

Developing a Koan:

  • Follow any of the existing koans as an example to create a new class with koan methods (indicated by the @Koan annotation, they're public and specify no arguments)
  • Define the order the koan suite (if it's new) will run in the koans/app/config/PathToEnlightenment.xml file
  • Override the lesson text when it fails (default is expected 'X' found 'Y')
  • Optionally you may use dynamic content in your lesson, examples are located in the XmlVariableInjector class (and Test) and the file

Something's wrong:

  • If the koans app is constantly timing out compiling a koan, your computer may be too slow to compile the koan classes with the default timeout value. Update the compile_timeout_in_ms property in koans/app/config/ with a larger value and try again.


A framework and lessons to learn java syntax and idioms in a logical sequence.







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