Compatibility Library for missing standard functionality on Windows CE
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Latest commit bad854b Jan 22, 2010 Maurice Kalinowski compile fix for standard sdk
ae66fad introduced including winsock2.h
Unfortunately some flags are different when getservbyname gets declared
there on Windows Mobile compared to Windows CE standard SDK.

As there is no consistent way to resolve this and the only dependency
is on the servent struct, declare it in the header as well.


wcecompat: Windows CE Runtime Library "compatibility" library.

This software is licensed under the terms and conditions in the LICENSE file.

This software is derived from the work by Steven Reddie from Essemer Pty Ltd.
For contact information, see README_essemer.txt.
As Essemer was not continuing this project it has been forked and republished.
The new version is supposed to stay compatible with previous versions plus add
support for Windows CE 5 and later.

This is work in progress and the content might change at any point in time.

wcecompat requires the following software:
- Perl (to create the makefile configuration)
- Embedded Visual Studio 3/4 or Visual Studio 2005/following
- A Windows CE SDK

- Ensure your environment is setup for crosscompilation for the target Windows
  CE platform. Refer to the documentation in case you are not sure how to do so.
- Depending on your version of Windows CE, you will have to set some environment
  variables. These are
   * OSVERSION: A string composed by "WCE" plus the version number ,eg. WCE500
                Note that eg. Windows Mobile 5 is based on Windows CE 5.01, so
                be sure about the proper setting. Otherwise runtime issues might
   * TARGETCPU: The CPU architecture the SDK is designed for (eg. X86, ARMV4I,...)
   * PLATFORM : For Windows CE previous to 5.00 this might be needed, but is
                deprecated from this version on.
- Call 'perl' to create the makefile configuration for your setup. In case
  you do not have perl available, continue reading below to create your own 
  configuration without using perl.
- Call 'nmake'
- After successful compilation you will have "wcecompat.lib" and "wcecompatex.lib"
  in your lib directory. These libraries are generated statically and are supposed
  to be linked into your project.

If Perl is not available, following steps are needed to build wcecompat successfully:
- foo ### TODO: