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moonmoon is a simple feed agregator (planet like)
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Moonmoon is a web based aggregator similar to planetplanet. It can be used to blend articles from different blogs with same interests into a single page.

Moonmoon is stupidly simple: it only aggregates feeds and spits them out in one single page. It does not archive articles, it does not do comments nor votes.


Web hosting with PHP5.3 (PHP4 & 5.2 will not work).


  • Upload all the files to your server (with FTP or other)
  • Open install.php with your browser
  • Follow the instructions


Moonmoon is free software and is released under BSD license.

Configuration options

After installation, configuration is kept in a YAML formatted custom/config.yml:

url:  # your planet base URL
name: My Planet                 # your planet front page name
locale: en                      # front page locale
items: 10                       # how many items to show
refresh: 240                    # feeds cache timeout (in seconds)
cache: 10                       # front page cache timeout (in seconds)
cachedir: ./cache               # where is cache stored
postmaxlength: 0                # deprecated
shuffle: 0                      # deprecated
nohtml: 0                       # deprecated
categories:                     # only list posts that have one
                                # of these (tag or category)

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