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Simple git plugin for ATOM
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Simple GIT

A simple package to be able to drive GIT.


I use GIT from terminal, like most of the people I work with. One of the things I really miss from GIT is the ability to compare diffs, and to simply commit my file. As for the other things - stage and unstage files, amend commits, rebase, pull, these are things I can live with the command line.

So, I've created a bunch of scripts on my ATOM Init script to simply commit files. Then to add. Then to create a diff view... and now, integrated everything into a package.

A screenshot of your package

What does this package do?

  • Protects push and commit to master (configurable)
  • Quick-commit - add and commit a single file (with a diff view to show what you're commiting)
  • Add files
  • Commit files (with a diff view to show what you're commiting)
  • Revert current file
  • Create new branch from current
  • Checkout to master, and pull
  • Show diffs in project (see above)
  • Show blame (see below)

Ideas to the future

  • Add a kind of "diff layer" in the current editor
  • Selective stage parts of your code
  • Safe rebase, or something to help with changing history
  • Integrations - when we have a commit hash in blame, we should be able to view that commit, and other things
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