🚀 Linux kernel driver for the DreamCheeky USB missile launcher
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The ML-driver is a proof-of-concept Linux kernel driver for the DreamCheeky USB missile launcher. I developed it mainly to gain experience in kernel driver hacking. Hence it is mereley a skeleton and not very sophisticated.

For more information about how the driver has been created, have a look at the article which describes the development process in detail.



  • 3.16

Tested on:


First compile the module:


To load the module, I provide a little script:

./ml_manage.sh load

Check your messages afterwards. If everything went fine, you should see these lines:

[info]  ml_probe(593): USB missile launcher now attached to /dev/ml0
usbcore: registered new driver missile_launcher
[info]  usb_ml_init(651): driver registered successfully

Now you are ready to play with the tool in user-space. Simply compile the example code in this directory:

gcc -o ml_control user-space.c
./ml_control -f

Double-check the permissions of your device (/dev/ml0) when encountering any problems.


This kernel module comes with a GPL license.