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PDFs of my articles, published, in press and unpublished. Preprints are available for the later two.

DISCLAIMER: the PDFs in this site are for my personal use. By clicking/downloading them it is assumed you have the correct permissions (??) to access them. Yep, that's how we do Science these days; behind paywalls... Go figure...

If you spot anything wrong, please email me.

Peer-reviewed papers

  1. F. P. Camara, A. L. Gomes, Carvalho, L. M., and L. G. Castello, “Dynamic behavior of sylvatic Yellow fever in Brazil (1954-2008),” Rev. Soc. Bras. Med. Trop., vol. 44, no. 3, pp. 297–299, 2011. [link] [PDF].
  2. Carvalho, L. M. and F. P. Camara, “Epidemiological aspects of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome in older Brazilians: a comparative approach,” Braz J Infect Dis, vol. 16, no. 1, pp. 34–37,2012. [link] [PDF].
  3. F. P. Camara, Carvalho, L. M., and A. L. Gomes, “Demographic profile of sylvatic yellow fever in Brazil from 1973 to 2008” Trans. R. Soc. Trop. Med. Hyg., vol. 107, pp. 324–327, May 2013. [doi] [PDF].
  4. Carvalho, L. M., L. B. Santos, N. R. Faria, and W. de Castro Silveira, “Phylogeography of foot-and-mouth disease virus serotype O in Ecuador,” Infect. Genet. Evol., vol. 13, pp. 76–88, Jan 2013. [link] [PDF].
  5. F. Bielejec, P. Lemey, Carvalho, L. M., G. Baele, A. Rambaut, and M. A. Suchard, “BUSS: a parallel BEAST/BEAGLE utility for sequence simulation under complex evolutionary scenarios,” BMC Bioinformatics, vol. 15, p. 133, 2014. [link] [PDF].
  6. D. Mir, H. Romero, Carvalho, L. M., and G. Bello, “Spatiotemporal dynamics of DENV-2 Asian-American genotype lineages in the Americas,” PLoS ONE, vol. 9, no. 6, p. e98519, 2014. [link] [PDF].
  7. Carvalho, L. M., C. Struchiner, and L. Bastos, “Bayesian inference of deterministic population growth models,” in Interdisciplinary Bayesian Statistics (A. Polpo de Campos, F. Neto, L. Ramos-Rifo, J. Stern, and M. Lauretto, eds.), vol. 118, pp. 217–228, Springer Verlag, 1st ed., 2015. [link] [PDF] [data/code].
  8. F. C. Coelho and Carvalho, L. M., “Estimating the attack ratio of dengue epidemics under time-varying force of infection using aggregated notification data,” Scientific reports, vol. 5, 2015. [link] [PDF] [repo/data].
  9. A. Rambaut, T. T. Lam, Carvalho, L. M., and O. G. Pybus, “Exploring the temporal structure of heterochronous sequences using tempest (formerly Path-O-Gen),” Virus Evolution, vol. 2, no. 1,p. vew007, 2016. [link] [PDF].
  10. A. Rambaut, G. Dudas, Carvalho, L. M., D. J. Park, N. L. Yozwiak, E. C. Holmes, and K. G. Andersen, “Comment on mutation rate and genotype variation of ebola virus from Mali case sequences,” Science, vol. 353, no. 6300, pp. 658–658, 2016. [repo/data] [link] [PDF]
  11. C. Codeço, D. Villela, M. F. Gomes, L. Bastos, O. Cruz, C. Struchiner, Carvalho, L. M., and F. Coelho, “Zika is not a reason for missing the olympic games in rio de janeiro: response to the open letter of dr attaran and colleagues to Dr Margaret Chan, director-general, WHO, on the Zika threat to the olympic and paralympic games,” Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz, vol. 111, no. 6, pp. 414–415, 2016. [link] [PDF].
  12. W. E. Diehl, A. E. Lin, N. D. Grubaugh, Carvalho, L. M., K. Kim, P. P. Kyawe, S. M. McCauley, E. Donnard, A. Kucukural, P. McDonel, et al., “Ebola virus glycoprotein with increased infectivity dominated the 2013–2016 epidemic,” Cell, vol. 167, no. 4, pp. 1088–1098, 2016. [link] [PDF] [repo/data].
  13. F. C. Coelho, B. Durovni, V. Saraceni, C. Lemos, C. T. Codeco, S. Camargo, Carvalho, L. M., L. Bastos, D. Arduini, D. A. Villela, et al., “Higher incidence of Zika in adult women than adult men in Rio de Janeiro suggests a significant contribution of sexual transmission from men to women,” International Journal of Infectious Diseases, vol. 51, pp. 128–132, 2016. [link] [PDF].
  14. D. A. Villela, L. Bastos, Carvalho, L. M., O. G. Cruz, M. F. Gomes, B. Durovni, M. C. Lemos, V. Saraceni, F. C. Coelho, and C. T. Codeco, “Zika in Rio de Janeiro: Assessment of basic reproduction number and comparison with dengue outbreaks,” Epidemiology and Infection, pp. 1–9,2017. [link] [PDF].
  15. G. Dudas, L. M. Carvalho, T. Bedford, A. J. Tatem, G. Baele, N. R. Faria, D. J. Park, J. T. Ladner, A. Arias, D. Asogun, et al., “Virus genomes reveal factors that spread and sustained the ebola epidemic,” Nature, vol. 544, no. 7650, pp. 309–315, 2017.[link] [bioarXiv] [PDF] [repo/data].
  16. G. Dudas, Carvalho, L. M., A. Rambaut, and T. Bedford, “MERS-CoV spillover at the camel- human interface,” eLife, vol. 7, p. e31257, 2018. [bioarXiv] [repo/data] [link] [PDF]
  17. Karcher MD, Carvalho LM, Suchard MA, Dudas G, Minin VN. Estimating effective population size changes from preferentially sampled genetic sequences. PLoS computational biology. 2020 Oct 12;16(10):e1007774 [link].

Chapters & conference papers (not peer-reviewed)

  1. Carvalho, L.M., L. Santos, P. Pereira, and W. Silveira, “Phylodynamics of foot-and-mouth disease virus: a complex network approach,” in Proceedings of the 10th Brazilian Conference on Dynamics, Control and Their Applications, Brazilian Society for Applied and Computational Mathematics,2011. [link] [PDF].


PDFs of my articles, published, in press and unpublished. Preprints are available for the later two.




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