A basic starter template for Eleventy blogs, with added support for webmentions.
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A basic starter template for Eleventy blogs with added support for webmentions.
For more information about this, read Static Indieweb: Using Webmentions.

Example of Webmention Section


Run npm install after cloning this repository. The available commands are identical to eleventy-base-blog.

Enable Webmentions

Follow these steps to get it working:

  1. Go to https://webmention.io/ and sign in. To authenticate, you will have to include a <a rel="me"> link at your domain, pointing to your github or twitter user URL:

<a href="https://github.com/maxboeck" rel="me">Max on Github</a>

  1. Once you've verified domain ownership, go to the settings page. Copy the token listed under "API Key" there.

  2. Paste the token into the .env.sample file, then delete the .sample from the filename.

  3. Check the information in _data/metadata.json and make sure your domain name is correct. It should look like example.com.

  4. Run Eleventy. It will try to fetch the webmentions for your domain (you may not yet have any, check your webmentions.io dashboard). After the first use, a cached json file will be created so you don't have to re-fetch that data everytime eleventy regenerates the site in development.


This starter includes just the basic functionality, feel free to make it your own.
The relevant parts are:

  • Templates: _includes/webmentionlist.njk and _includes/webmention.njk
  • Filter: webmentionsForUrl in .eleventy.js
  • Data Fetching: _data/webmentions.js
  • Basic Styling: css/webmentions.css