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Detects which packages need to be rebuilt
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This tool helps you find Arch Linux packages that were built against older versions of dependencies and therefore need to be rebuilt to function properly.

Supported checks:

  • ldd: An executable is linked against a non-existent shared library
  • python: A package was built against an older Python version
  • perl: A package was built against an older Perl version
  • ruby: A package was built against an older Ruby version
  • haskell: A package was built against an older Haskell version


The package is available on AUR:


Run checkrebuild to see which packages need to be rebuilt.

Use verbose mode checkrebuild -v to get a bit more information about why these packages are flagged.

By default only packages from local repos (file://) are checked, if you want to include additional repos, use -i flag like so: checkrebuild -i repo1 -i repo2

Pacman hook

A pacman hook is included in the distribution as well. For performance reasons, the ldd check is only executed against direct dependencies of the packages that are being updated in this pacman transaction.

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