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The source code in and ("the code") is under
copyright by Maximilian Haeussler ("the author").
Anyone can use the website for free. There are no restrictions on web usage.
By using the website, you agree that the website stores the input sequences
and the genome identifier for at least 24 months. This is done for users'
conveniences, so the CRISPOR result output URL is valid for
24 months. CRISPOR does not have a user account login and has no way of
knowing the name or other identity of its users.
Download and local execution of the program
Up to and including version 3.1, the source code files and were licensed under GPLv3. See
Starting with version 4, the file can be used freely and modified
only by academic researchers. These researchers may modify the code and
redistribute it, provided this license file is included. Please feed back
modifications to the author.
After version 4, commercial and non-profit organisations need to contact the
author to obtain a license to run the file or on
their own computer. Most non-profit organisations will be able to obtain a
license at no cost. A license for commercial users includes support from the
author and regular updates.
If you think these license terms make distribution of the code difficult,
please do not hesitate to contact the author.
Code in bin/ is under the license of the respective authors and only provided
as part of this package for installation convenience. Please see the
directories under bin/src for the exact licenses.
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