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# Application name
name Maximus
# Google Analytics tracking id, e.g. UA-0000000-0
google_analytics_id ""
# Salt for encryption
salt secret_key
# Client information
client_version 1.1.1
# Database connection settings
# maximus is the database name
dsn dbi:mysql:maximus
# MySQL user
user maximus
# Password for given user
password demo
# Quote field names
quote_names 1
# Force strict mode (which includes ANSI)
on_connect_call set_strict_mode
# Enable PIPES_AS_CONCAT to use || instead of CONCAT()
on_connect_do SET sql_mode = CONCAT('PIPES_AS_CONCAT,', @@sql_mode)
# Settings for Jobserver
# Add another job_servers <ip> line to add more Gearman servers
# Settings for sending emails
mailer SMTP
port 25
sasl_password my-secret-password
timeout 10
from Maximus <>
# Announcer settings
consumer_key xxxx
consumer_secret xxxx
access_token xxxx
access_token_secret xxxx
model DB::Announcement
disabled 1
# These keys are for testing purposes only (works on localhost only)
pub_key 6LcsbAAAAAAAAPDSlBaVGXjMo1kJHwUiHzO2TDze
theme white
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