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1 - join Toolforge If you are not already a member of Toolforge, make a membership request, and wait for it to be approved. Then add a public ssh key to your account: you can find it at ~/.ssh/ on your machine, or, if you have a github account, you can copy/paste

2 - join a tool account Join an existing tool account or create one

3 - login to the bastion host and become tool

# join the tool hub
become hub

4 - install the project Doc: node.js web services

mkdir -p ~/www
cd ~/www
git clone js
cd js

echo "module.exports = {
  host: '',
  // Customize root to match the URL passed by Nginx
  root: '/hub'
}" > config/local.js

# Running npm with webservice shell to get more recent node/npm versions
webservice --backend=kubernetes nodejs shell
npm install --production
webservice --backend=kubernetes nodejs start

5 - Follow the logs

# exit the `webservice --backend=kubernetes nodejs shell` to access `kubectl`
kubectl get pods
kubectl logs <mypod>