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TSL2591 python module

This is a simple python library for the Adafruit TSL2591 breakout board based on the Arduino library from Adafruit. It was developed to work on a Raspberry PI.


Enabeling I2C on the Raspberry Pi. You should be fine by following the instruction on Adafruit.

In the last step ('Testing I2C') you should see at least one connected device, your TSL2591 (most likely at 0x29 ).


To install the python module download this repository and run:

python install


import tsl2591

tsl = tsl2591.Tsl2591()  # initialize
full, ir = tsl.get_full_luminosity()  # read raw values (full spectrum and ir spectrum)
lux = tsl.calculate_lux(full, ir)  # convert raw values to lux
print lux, full, ir


Python files in this repository are released under the MIT license.