.NET API for minFraud Insights and Score
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.NET API for MaxMind minFraud Score, Insights, and Factors


This package provides an API for the MaxMind minFraud Score, Insights, and Factors web services.


This library works with .NET Framework version 4.5 and above. If you are using Mono, version 4 or greater is required.

This library depends on GeoIP2 and its dependencies.



We recommend installing this library with NuGet. To do this, type the following into the Visual Studio Package Manager Console:

install-package MaxMind.MinFraud


This API uses the async/await feature introduced in .NET 4.5 to provide non-blocking calls to the minFraud web services.

To use this API, first create a new WebServiceClient object. The constructor takes your MaxMind user ID, license key, and an optional options array as arguments:

var client = new WebServiceClient(10, "LICENSEKEY");

This object should be disposed of when you done using it.

Then create a new Transaction object. This represents the transaction that you are sending to minFraud:

var transaction = new Transaction(
    device: new Device(System.Net.IPAddress.Parse(""),
            "Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64)",
        acceptLanguage: "en-US,en;q=0.8"
        new Account(
            userId: "3132",
            username: "fred"

After creating the request object, send a non-blocking minFraud Score request by calling the ScoreAsync method using the await keyword from a method marked as async:

var score = await client.ScoreAsync(transaction);

A minFraud Insights request by calling InsightsAsync method:

var insights = await client.InsightsAsync(transaction);

Or a minFraud Factors request by calling FactorsAsync method:

var factors = await client.FactorsAsync(transaction);

If the request succeeds, a model object will be returned for the endpoint. If the request fails, an exception will be thrown.

See the API documentation for more details.


Thrown by the request models:

  • ArgumentException - Thrown when invalid data is passed to the model constructor.

Thrown by ScoreAsync(transaction) or InsightsAsync(transaction) on WebServiceClient:

  • AuthenticationException - Thrown when the server is unable to authenticate the request, e.g., if the license key or user ID is invalid.
  • InsufficientFundsException - Thrown when your account is out of funds.
  • PermissionRequireException - Thrown when your account does not have permission to access the service.
  • InvalidRequestException - Thrown when the server rejects the request for another reason such as invalid JSON in the POST.
  • MinFraudException - Thrown when the server returns an unexpected response. This also serves as the base class for the above exceptions.
  • HttpException - Thrown when an unexpected HTTP error occurs such as an internal server error or other unexpected status code.


using MaxMind.MinFraud;
using MaxMind.MinFraud.Request;
using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Threading.Tasks;

public class MinFraudExample
    static void Main()

    static public async Task MinFraudAsync()
        var transaction = new Transaction(
            device: new Device(System.Net.IPAddress.Parse(""),
                "Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64)",
                acceptLanguage: "en-US,en;q=0.8"
            new Event
                transactionId: "txn3134133",
                shopId: "s2123",
                time: new DateTimeOffset(2014, 4, 12, 23, 20, 50, 52, new TimeSpan(0)),
                type: EventType.Purchase
            new Account(
                userId: "3132",
                username: "fred"
            new Email(
                address: "test@maxmind.com",
                domain: "maxmind.com"
            new Billing(
                firstName: "First",
                lastName: "Last",
                company: "Company",
                address: "101 Address Rd.",
                address2: "Unit 5",
                city: "City of Thorns",
                region: "CT",
                country: "US",
                postal: "06510",
                phoneNumber: "323-123-4321",
                phoneCountryCode: "1"
            new Shipping(
                firstName: "ShipFirst",
                lastName: "ShipLast",
                company: "ShipCo",
                address: "322 Ship Addr. Ln.",
                address2: "St. 43",
                city: "Nowhere",
                region: "OK",
                country: "US",
                postal: "73003",
                phoneNumber: "403-321-2323",
                phoneCountryCode: "1",
                deliverySpeed: ShippingDeliverySpeed.SameDay
            new Payment(
                processor: PaymentProcessor.Stripe,
                wasAuthorized: false,
                declineCode: "invalid number"
            new CreditCard(
                issuerIdNumber: "323132",
                bankName: "Bank of No Hope",
                bankPhoneCountryCode: "1",
                bankPhoneNumber: "800-342-1232",
                avsResult: 'Y',
                cvvResult: 'N',
                last4Digits: "7643"
            new Order(
                amount: 323.21m,
                currency: "USD",
                discountCode: "FIRST",
                affiliateId: "af12",
                subaffiliateId: "saf42",
                referrerUri: new Uri("http://www.amazon.com/")
            shoppingCart: new List<ShoppingCartItem>
                new ShoppingCartItem(
                    category: "pets",
                    itemId: "ad23232",
                    quantity: 2,
                    price: 20.43m
                new ShoppingCartItem(
                    category: "beauty",
                    itemId: "bst112",
                    quantity: 1,
                    price: 100.00m

        using (var client = new WebServiceClient(6, "ABCD567890"))
            // Use `InsightsAsync` if querying Insights
            var score = await client.ScoreAsync(transaction);


Please report all issues with this code using the GitHub issue tracker.

If you are having an issue with the minFraud service that is not specific to the client API, please see our support page.


Patches and pull requests are encouraged. Please include unit tests whenever possible.


This API uses Semantic Versioning.

Copyright and License

This software is Copyright (c) 2015-2016 by MaxMind, Inc.

This is free software, licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.