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A robust 2D, lightweight, C++ graphics framework.

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The 2D spiritual successor to SGAL.

This is a lightweight 2D graphics framework written in C++. It (will be) entirely self-contained, (for the most part). The intention is for only a OpenGL loader and stb to be dependencies.

Currently, GLFW is required for this to work, but I'll be removing this requirement eventually.

I will also eventually implement Vulkan, but for now OpenGL will do.

Current Structure

There's a Graphics folder and an Engine folder. Each compiles into dynamic library files which are found in the lib folder. The libcpp2d-engine library requires the libcpp2d-graphics library, but the graphics library can be used alone. Including cpp2d/Engine.h also, by default, includes cpp2d/Graphics.h. The raw, barebones graphics objects and functionality is in the Graphics library. The engine provides more functionality on top of that, including an entity-component system powered by ENTT. Currently ENTT is required as an include to your client project, which I don't like, but it's packaged in as a submodule and is located in include/entt. So, in your build, add include/entt/single_include to your include directories.

What doesn't work

Currently, in order to build, I need to add a make command to the src/CMakeLists.txt that runs for extern/glew/auto which retreives the OpenGL extension files. Other than that, the compile should run on MacOS perfectly.


A robust 2D, lightweight, C++ graphics framework.






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