A simple WIM Image creator/manager written entirely in Python
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ImagePyX and SSWIMM

This is a Super Simple WIM Manager written entirely in Python[1].

Main compression support is provided by wimlib 1.3.2 (look at http://sourceforge.net/projects/wimlib)[2]: optionally, the MSCompression library can be used (found at https://github.com/coderforlife/ms-compress), but its LZX codec is quite unmature at this time.

With ImagePyX you can:

  • capture a directory tree to a WIM Image, eventually compressing it and excluding files/folders
  • update or delete an image inside a WIM
  • append new images to a WIM
  • apply (extract) an image from WIM unit to a directory, optionally excluding files/folders
  • split a WIM into more SWM units
  • export one or all images to an old/new WIM
  • list and test image contents

On Windows, it can use the native RTL Xpress codec (8 only) and provides complete handling of:

  • short names
  • security permissions [4]
  • alternate data streams
  • hard links
  • directory junctions
  • symbolic links[3]

On Linux, it can handle hard and symbolic links; also, it's able to capture and restore UNIX permissions (UID, GID, MODE).

Useful links about WIM Images:


  • ImagePyX.py the main Python module (rev. 0.29), driver for the SSWIMM package
  • SSWIMM package directory containing the submodules
  • README.MD this file
  • REVISIONS.TXT developement history and todo
  • gpl.txt GPL v2 license file: it applies to this package
  • mingw_build.sh script to help building a reduced wimlib under Windows
  • make_test.sh sample minimal script to test under Linux

Look at REVISIONS.TXT for details about developement history and things to do.

[1] Developed and tested on Windows with Python 2.7.3, 32-bit; tested with Linux Ubuntu 12.10, x32

[2] A simplified version with the codecs only can be built with GCC 4.7 on Windows: look at mingw_build.sh

[3] Administrator rights are required to restore (create) symbolic links

[4] Special privileges are needed to apply SACLs