An example of how to use jQuery-File-Upload plugin with ASP.NET MVC3
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This is an example of how to integrate a jQuery-File-Upload plugin into an ASP.NET MVC 3 application.

It is identical to the original plugin demo and supports batch upload, download and deletion of uploaded files.

Currently MVC Actions are not used to handle upload/download/delete in the demo, due to the inability for a developer to set a maxMessageLength per location in ASP.NET MVC application. IIS by default allows POST messages no londer then 5MB. This does not allow to upload large files, casting an implementation useless. Or, you can sacrifice security and just enable maxMessageLength for an entire site, which I personally wouldn't do.

This given, a HttpHandler implmentation is introduced. (thanks go to Iain Ballard and his ASP.NET handler-based demo)

main.js is initialized with large-files in mind, and a thumbnails are smart enough to disaplay everything correctly, so go ahead, take a look and fork if you wish.