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🚀 A gatsby-starter-morning-dew is a Gatsby starter to build lightning-fast websites!
💫 You can also use gatsby-starter-morning-dew as a Gatsby Theme

Demo website.



  • 💜 Gatsby v2 / React 16
  • 🔍 SEO optimized
  • 💌 Write posts/pages in Markdown or MDX
    • 🎨 Code syntax highlight
    • 📚 Multilang support/i18n (blog post)
  • 📱 Mobile Friendly (Responsive design)
  • PWA ready
    • ✈️ Offline support
    • 📃 Manifest support
  • 🔧 Fully configurable (see data/siteConfig.js)
  • 💬 Disqus support
  • 💅 css-in-js (with styled-components v5)
  • 🔖 Groups post with tags
  • 📊 Google Analytics support
  • 🐦 post preview image generation (Twitter, Facebook...)
  • 💎 Developer tools:
    • eslint
    • prettier
  • 👷 Travis CI support

Lighthouse scores (locally :bowtie:)

Installation (starter)

  • with Gatsby-cli:
npm install --global gatsby-cli
gatsby new gatsby-blog
  • without Gatsby-cli
git clone my-site
cd my-site
npm install

Then run npm run develop to try it locally.

Installation (theme)

You can also use gatsby-starter-morning-dew as a Gatsby theme!

  1. Add the theme
npm install gatsby-starter-morning-dew
  1. In your gatsby-config.js, add:
const config = require('./data/siteConfig')
// ...
plugins: [
      resolve: "gatsby-starter-morning-dew",
      options: {},
      resolve: `gatsby-plugin-manifest`,
      options: {
        name: config.siteTitle,
        short_name: config.siteTitle,
        start_url: config.pathPrefix,
        background_color: config.background_color,
        theme_color: config.theme_color,
        display: config.display,
        icon: 'content/images/company-icon.png', // path to your image
  1. Add an image called baymax.png in content/images/baymax.png.
    🐞This is due to a theme limitations.
    😬 Don't worry, this picture will not appear on your website!

Need more details? Checkout:


# working locally
npm run dev

# generate build
npm run build

# format code
npm run format

# lint code
npm run lint

# Generate generate post preview images (npm run dev need to run before)
npm run generatePostPreviewImages

⚠️ Add --prefix-paths if you are using path prefix!


module.exports = {
  siteTitle: 'gatsby-starter-morning-dew',
  siteDescription: 'A Gatsby theme/starter to build lightning-fast websites',
  authorName: 'Maxence Poutord',
  twitterUsername: '_maxpou',
  authorAvatar: 'avatar.jpeg', // file in content/images
  defaultLang: 'en', // show flag if lang is not default. Leave empty to enable flags in post lists
  authorDescription: `
  For the last decade, Maxence Poutord has worked with a variety of web technologies. He is currently focused on front-end development.
  On his day to day job, he is working as a senior front-end engineer at VSware. He is also a frequent tech speaker and a mentor.
  As a new digital nomad, he is living where the WIFI and sun is 😎 <br>
  Do you want to know more? <a href="" target="_blank">Visit my website!</a>
  siteUrl: '',
  disqusSiteUrl: '',
  // Prefixes all links. For cases when deployed to
  pathPrefix: '/gatsby-starter-morning-dew', // Note: it must *not* have a trailing slash.
  siteCover: 'cover-baymax.jpeg', // file in content/images
  googleAnalyticsId: 'UA-67868977-1',
  background_color: '#ffffff',
  theme_color: '#222222',
  display: 'standalone',
  icon: 'content/images/baymax.png',
  postsPerPage: 6,
  disqusShortname: 'maxpou',
  headerTitle: 'gatsby-starter-morning-dew',
  headerLinksIcon: 'baymax.png', // file in content/images (leave empty to disable: '')
  headerLinks: [
      label: 'Blog',
      url: '/',
      label: 'About',
      url: '/about-gatsby-starter-morning-dew',
      label: 'Installation',
      url: '/how-to-install',
  // Footer information (ex: Github, Netlify...)
  websiteHost: {
    name: 'GitHub',
    url: '',
  footerLinks: [
      sectionName: 'Explore',
      links: [
          label: 'Blog',
          url: '/',
          label: 'About',
          url: '/about-gatsby-starter-morning-dew',
          label: 'Installation',
          url: '/how-to-install',
      sectionName: 'Follow the author',
      links: [
          label: 'Github',
          url: '',
          label: 'Website',
          url: '',
          label: 'Twitter',
          url: '',


Deploy to Netlify

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