A continuation of AdvancedHUD by TurboSlow.
Latest commit 463f7f9 Jul 23, 2015 @maxpowa More bugfixes.
Remove multiple instances of ResourceLocation in HudItemHotbar. Fix blocks rendering darker than they should in hotbar.
Change experience bar to use update ticks, should only be a very minor perf increase.
Fix HudItemArmor not being aware of the default alignment it should have when rotated.



A continuation of AdvancedHUD by TurboSlow.

Since TurboSlow has given up development on AdvancedHUD, I figured "well shit, I do HUD mods too, so why not pick that up?" So I am in the process of picking it up. I have most elements working as they were in previous versions and I am hoping to use some of the features in this to finally get movable HUD elements into TukMC.

In case anyone is wondering where TurboSlow had announced it: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/690142-147-advanced-hud-481/ and if that link is down, here's a screenshot: http://goo.gl/w27fw