API level equivalent with kerberos package but uses windows sspi (through pywin32)
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This Python package is API level equivalent to the kerberos python package but instead of using the MIT krb5 package it uses the windows sspi functionality. That allows your server and/or client that uses the kerberos package to run under windows by alternatively loading kerberos-sspi instead of the kerberos package.

(If you use python with cygwin you probably just use the original kerberos package with a compiled MIT kerberos package.)

How to use it

Here is an example:

    import kerberos as k
    import kerberos_sspi as k

from base64 import encodestring, decodestring


errc, client = k.authGSSClientInit("test@vm-win7-kraemer", gssflags=flags)

# to run a kerberos enabled server under my account i do as domain admin:
#  setspn -A test/vm-win7-kraemer MYDOMAIN\kraemer
# (might have to wait a few minutes before all DCs in active directory pick it up)
errs, server = k.authGSSServerInit("test@vm-win7-kraemer")

cres = sres= k.AUTH_GSS_CONTINUE
response = ""
round = 0
while sres == k.AUTH_GSS_CONTINUE or cres == k.AUTH_GSS_CONTINUE:

    if cres == k.AUTH_GSS_CONTINUE:
        cres = k.authGSSClientStep(client, response)
        if cres == -1:
            print( "clientstep error")
        response = k.authGSSClientResponse(client)
    if sres == k.AUTH_GSS_CONTINUE:
        sres = k.authGSSServerStep(server, response)
        if sres == -1:
            print( "serverstep error")
        response = k.authGSSServerResponse(server)

    print( "round:", round)
    print( "server status :", sres)
    print( "client status :", cres)
    round += 1

if sres == k.AUTH_GSS_COMPLETE and cres == k.AUTH_GSS_COMPLETE:
    print( "client: my username:", k.authGSSClientUserName(client))
    print( "server: who authenticated to me:", k.authGSSServerUserName(server))
    print( "server: my spn:", k.authGSSServerTargetName(server))

What's not working

The methods:

  • changePassword
  • getServerPrincipalDetails

are not implemented and throw an exception

The flags:


are not supported (and are not defined either so aceessing them will throw an exception as well). Why? I couldn't find corresponding ISC_REQ_* for these flags...