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Mac Dev Setup Guide

Zach Gollwitzer edited this page Jul 8, 2024 · 8 revisions

If running the project locally, follow these instructions to get started:

Install Homebrew

If you don't already have it, install Homebrew. You can run the following command to do so:

/bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"

Install Ruby

You will need Ruby version 3.3.1 to run this project.

We recommend installing rbenv using Homebrew with the following commands:

brew install rbenv ruby-build
rbenv init

Follow the instructions in your shell.

Now, install a Ruby version:

rbenv install 3.3.1

And finally, set this as your default Ruby version for your machine if desired:

rbenv global 3.3.1

Check your Ruby version:

ruby -v

Install PostgreSQL

Install Postgres and start it as a service:

brew install postgresql

brew services start postgresql

Install other dependencies

The app uses ActiveStorage, which requires some 3rd party libraries to be installed on your system. For the app to work properly, you'll need to install libvips:

brew install vips

Setup user

On a fresh installation of Postgres, a user, postgres will be available. If this is not the case (due to a prior installation of PG or other reasons), you can create the user with the following command:

createuser -s postgres

Start the Project

Start by forking and then cloning the repo locally. Then run the following commands to start the app:

cd maybe
cp .env.example .env
bundle install
bin/rails db:setup