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Google Fit REST Connector

This REST connector provides access to Google Fit APIs. It stores Google Auth codes, Access and Refresh tokens in browsers cookies, you may use your own storage for these codes.

Provided functionalities:

  • Get Calorie Outcome between date range
  • Get Steps between date range
  • Get Distance between date range
  • Get Activities with duration between dates

This plugin use following libraries and frameworks:


You need to change variables in file oAuth2utils.js. You can obtain these variables by creating new API in Google Dev Console

var CLIENT_SECRET = "<Your App Client Secret>";
var CLIENT_ID = "<Your App Client ID>";
var CLIENT_REDIRECT = "<Client Redirect>";


Overview of Distance, Steps and Calories over 6 months:

Google Fit REST Connector

Last 6 month sport activities:

Google Fit REST Connector

Calendar view of specific day:

Google Fit REST Connector


This API connector is released under MIT License, however other tools and framework it uses might have different licenses.

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