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Angular UI component library

npm i ng-mazdik-lib --save


Add global styles in angular.json

"styles": [


Sample crud-table

Feature-rich data table component for Angular with CRUD operations.

import {Component}  from '@angular/core';
import {ColumnBase, CdtSettings, DataSource, DataManager, Validators} from 'ng-mazdik-lib';
import {DemoService} from './samples/services';

  selector: 'my-app',
  template: `<app-crud-table [dataManager]="dataManager"></app-crud-table>

export class PlayersComponent {

    dataManager: DataManager;
    columns: ColumnBase[] = [
            title: 'Id', 
            name: 'id', 
            sortable: false, 
            filter: false, 
            frozen: true,
            resizeable: false,
            formHidden: true,
            title: 'Name', 
            name: 'name', 
            frozen: true, 
            width: 250,
            validatorFunc: Validators.get({required: true, minLength: 2, pattern: '^[a-zA-Z ]+$'}),
            editable: true,
            title: 'Race',
            name: 'race',
            type: 'select',
            options: [
                { id: 'ASMODIANS', name: 'ASMODIANS' },
                { id: 'ELYOS', name: 'ELYOS' },
            editable: true,
            title: 'Cascading Select',
            name: 'note',
            editable: true,
            type: 'select-dropdown',
            options: [
                { id: 'ASM1', name: 'ASM note 1', parentId: 'ASMODIANS' },
                { id: 'ASM2', name: 'ASM note 2', parentId: 'ASMODIANS' },
                { id: 'ASM3', name: 'ASM note 3', parentId: 'ASMODIANS' },
                { id: 'ASM4', name: 'ASM note 4', parentId: 'ASMODIANS' },
                { id: 'ELY1', name: 'ELY note 1', parentId: 'ELYOS' },
                { id: 'ELY2', name: 'ELY note 2', parentId: 'ELYOS' },
                { id: 'ELY3', name: 'ELY note 3', parentId: 'ELYOS' },
            dependsColumn: 'race',
            multiSelectFilter: true,
            title: 'Gender',
            name: 'gender',
            type: 'radio',
            options: [
                { id: 'MALE', name: 'MALE' },
                { id: 'FEMALE', name: 'FEMALE' },
            editable: true,
            title: 'Exp',
            name: 'exp',
            type: 'number',
            validatorFunc: Validators.get({required: true, minLength: 2, maxLength: 10}),
            editable: true,
            title: 'Last online', 
            name: 'last_online', 
            type: 'date',
            editable: true,
          title: 'Account name',
          name: 'account_name',
          editable: true,
          type: 'select-popup',
          optionsUrl: 'assets/accounts.json',
          keyColumn: 'account_id',
          title: 'Account id',
          name: 'account_id',
          formHidden: true,
          tableHidden: true,
    settings: CdtSettings = new CdtSettings({
        crud: true,
        bodyHeight: 380

    constructor(private demoService: DemoService) {
      const service = this.demoService; // your custom service
      this.dataManager = new DataManager(this.columns, this.settings, service);

Sample data-table

import {ColumnBase, Settings, DataTable} from 'ng-mazdik-lib';

  selector: 'app-data-table-demo',
  template: `<app-data-table [table]="dataTable"></app-data-table>`

export class DataTableDemoComponent {

  dataTable: DataTable;
  columns: ColumnBase[];
  settings: Settings;

  constructor() {
    this.dataTable = new DataTable(this.columns, this.settings);
    this.dataTable.rows = data[];

Sample tree-table

import {ColumnBase, Settings, TreeTable} from 'ng-mazdik-lib';
import {TreeDemoService} from './tree-demo.service';

  selector: 'app-tree-table-demo',
  template: `<app-tree-table [treeTable]="treeTable"></app-tree-table>`

export class TreeTableDemoComponent {

  treeTable: TreeTable;
  settings: Settings;
  columns: ColumnBase[];

  constructor(private treeService: TreeDemoService) {
    this.treeTable = new TreeTable(this.columns, this.settings, this.treeService);


  • Filtering (column filters and an optional global filter)
  • Sorting (multiple columns)
  • Pagination
  • Modal (draggable and resizable)
  • Create/Update/Delete (composite primary keys)
  • Single row view (with sortable colums and values)
  • Loading indicator
  • Row selection (single, multiple, checkbox, radio)
  • Scrolling with fixed header horizontally and vertically
  • Frozen columns
  • Dynamic forms with validation
  • Modal select list (with search and pagination)
  • Editable
  • Localization
  • Column resizing
  • Cascading select (client/server side dynamic drop-down lists)
  • Tree table (flatten/unflatten tree, lazy loading)
  • Row Grouping (multiple columns)
  • Summary Row (aggregation on a column)
  • Live Updates
  • Virtual scroll with dynamic row height
  • Header and Cell Templates
  • Keyboard navigation
  • Export Data to CSV
  • No external dependencies

Custom service

export class YourService implements DataSource {

interface DataSource {
  getItems(requestMeta: RequestMetadata): Promise<PagedResult>;
  getItem(row: any): Promise<any>;
  post(row: any): Promise<any>;
  put(row: any): Promise<any>;
  delete(row: any): Promise<any>;
  getOptions?(url: string, parentId: any): Promise<any>;
export interface RequestMetadata {
  pageMeta: PageMetadata;
  sortMeta: SortMetadata[];
  filters: FilterMetadata;
  globalFilterValue?: string;
export interface PagedResult {
  items: any[];
  _meta: PageMetadata;
export interface PageMetadata {
  currentPage: number;
  perPage: number;
  totalCount?: number;
  pageCount?: number;
  maxRowCount?: number;


Attribute Type Default Description
name string null
title string null
sortable boolean true
filter boolean true
options SelectItem[] null
optionsUrl string null
width number null
frozen boolean false
type text / password / number / select / radio / checkbox / textarea / date / datetime-local / month / select-popup / select-dropdown null
validatorFunc (name: string, value: any) => string[] null
editable boolean false
resizeable boolean true
dependsColumn string null
cellTemplate TemplateRef null
formTemplate TemplateRef null
headerCellTemplate TemplateRef null
formHidden boolean false
tableHidden boolean false
cellClass string / Function null
headerCellClass string null
keyColumn string null
multiSelectFilter boolean false
minWidth number 50
maxWidth number 500
aggregation sum / average / max / min / count null
filterValues (columnName: string) => Promise<SelectItem[]> / SelectItem[] / string null
dataType string /number /date null
formDisableOnEdit boolean false
pipe PipeTransform null


Attribute Type Default Description
bodyHeight number null
sortable boolean true
filter boolean true
multipleSort boolean false
trackByProp string null
groupRowsBy string[] null
selectionMultiple boolean false
selectionMode checkbox / radio null
virtualScroll boolean false
rowClass string / Function false
rowHeight number 30 px
rowNumber boolean true
hoverEvents boolean false mouseover/mouseout
contextMenu boolean false event
editMode editCellOnDblClick / editProgrammatically editCellOnDblClick
paginator boolean true
rowHeightProp string null row.$$height
isEditableCellProp string null row.$$editable

CdtSettings extends Settings

Attribute Type Default Description
crud boolean false
initLoad boolean true
globalFilter boolean false
singleRowView boolean true
exportAction boolean false csv
columnToggleAction boolean false
clearAllFiltersAction boolean false
clearAllFiltersIcon boolean true
export interface SelectItem {
  id: any;
  name: string;
  parentId?: any;

Sample event subscriptions

import {Subscription} from 'rxjs';

private subscriptions: Subscription[] = [];

  ngOnInit() {
    const subSelection =$.subscribe(() => {

  ngOnDestroy() {
    this.subscriptions.forEach(s => s.unsubscribe());

Sample translate

import {DtMessages, DtMessagesEn} from 'ng-mazdik-lib';

messages: DtMessages = new DtMessagesEn({
  empty: 'No data to display',
  titleDetailView: 'Item details',
  titleCreate: 'Create a new item'
this.dataManager = new DataManager(this.columns, this.settings, this.service, this.messages);


Componnent Description
app-inline-edit, [inline-edit]
app-notify with NotifyService
app-scroller, [scroller] virtual scroll
[appDroppable] html5


  <ng-template dtHeaderTemplate></ng-template>
  <ng-template dtRowGroupTemplate let-row="row"></ng-template>