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A lightweight mobile framework. Re-wrote from ratchetjs ( RatchetPro helps you to seperate app logic to multiple pages with single simple entry point (just like what you did in native android/iOS app development) to avoid BIG html/js files.

How to use

Reference the ratchetPro css and js in your html:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="dist/css/ratchetPro.min.css" />
<script src="dist/js/ratchetPro.min.js"></script>

Setup page:

RatchetPro will load page script according to page name set in data-page attribute. For example, in the html, you got:

    <div class="content" data-page="index">
    Put page content here.
    <script src="scripts/app-index.js"></script>

Note "content" class is required to indicate this div a "page". We have a "index" value in data-page attribute, and we refer scripts/app-index.js as our page script. Page script file name must be consist of {pageEntryScriptPath}/{pageEntryScriptPrefix}{pageName}.js. {pageEntryScriptPath} and {pageEntryScriptPrefix} can be changed:

// Default value: 'scripts'
window.RATCHET.Class.PageManager.settings.pageEntryScriptPath = 'scripts'

// Default value: 'app-'
window.RATCHET.Class.PageManager.settings.pageEntryScriptPrefix = 'app-'

Next, in the scripts/app-index.js , we have following standard setup script:

(function () {
    // Change the settings here if you want.
    //window.RATCHET.Class.PageManager.settings.pageEntryScriptPath = 'scripts'
    //window.RATCHET.Class.PageManager.settings.pageEntryScriptPrefix = 'app-'

    var rachetPageManager = new window.RATCHET.Class.PageManager();
    rachetPageManager.ready(function () {
      // Put your code here.

That's it. Just repeat aforementioned steps for each page. Don't worry about performance, RatchetPro will cache html/js for each page once loaded.

Build-in components:

RatchetPro didn't change any CSS part of RatchetJs as so far. Please check css components at

Not working in desktop browser?

RatchetPro only supports touch events by default. For debug purpose, If you are using Chrome, just press F12 and open the mobile emulator, that will enable touch events.

Call below code to enable mouse support:

//rachetPageManager.ready(function() {/*...*/}).

Known issue The transition may lose due to some legacy bugs. I'll make mouse events support more stable in the future. Stay tune.

ReactJS integration example:

Live Examples:

Basic usage:

ReactJS integrated:


Ratchet.js - Thanks Connor Sears (@connors) bring us this great project. RatchetPro.js forked from this project.

Test Support

BrowserStack - A great online testing service just makes your life much more easier.


RatchetPro is licensed under the MIT License.


A lightweight mobile framework. Re-written from ratchetjs.




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