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Inkscape extension to generate gcode laser cutter comptible with 3D printer firmwares
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BASTL Laser Tool

Inkscape extension to generate laser cutter g-code comptible with 3D printer firmwares. In the first place oriented to Repetier firmware.

It is based on JFU Laser tool and J Tech Photonics Laser Tool.


  • supports Repetier firmware Laser Mode
  • laser intensity is taken from "transparency" attribute of path (transparency attribute of compounds and groups are ignored)
  • differentiates G1 (cutting) and G0 (move) commands (in original extensions all moves and cuts were implemented as G1 command)
  • speed modulation of laser intensity
  • acceleration control for low speed moves
  • support for external PWM generator
  • software focusing (setting of Z level)
  • X and Y offset

Following options are available:

  • Laser Mode: flavour of generated g-code: compatible with Repetier Laser Mode or GRBL
  • Laser ON Command: Command to turn laser on in GRBL mode, setting of laser intensity in Repetier mode. Typically M03.
  • Laser OFF Command: Command to turn laser off (typically M05). Used in GRBL mode only.
  • Laser Intensity Command: Code to control external PWM module. When defined, "Laser ON" command always uses maximum laser power.
  • Use speed to Control Intensity: Laser intensity is controlled by move speed. When enabled, "Laser ON" command always uses maximum laser power.
  • Additional initialization: additional initialization code
  • Initial Z-level: Initial (zero) level; at this level laser should be focused on material surface
  • X-offset: X offset
  • Y-offset: X offset
  • Travel Speed: Nominal speed during moves (laser off)
  • Laser Speed: Nominal speed during cuts (laser on). Speed can vary if speed modulation is enabled
  • Laser Power: value for maximum laser intensity. It can be reduced depending on path transparency. Repetier firmware uses value 255, GRBL uses value 12000.
  • Power On Delay: Delay after turning laser on; used in GRBL mode only, Repetier firmware uses built-in value
  • Passes: Number of passes necessary to cut material thoroughly
  • Pass Depth: Penetration depth during single pass. The head is lowered by this value between passes
  • Directory: directory where created files are placed
  • Filename: name of output file.
  • Add numeric suffix to filename: When enabled, sequentce number is attached to filename
  • All Units: Units used in output file (mm or inch)
  • Live preview: Live changes on screen, when parameters are changed.
  • Enable acceleration control - enables acceleration control for low speed moves
  • Printer X/Y steps per mm: - number of steps per mm of stepper motor (both X and Y axes)
  • Printer X/Y acceleration: - maximum acceleration (both X and Y axes)
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