Display c/c++ function declaration in vim command/status line.
Vim script
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Link to vim.org


  1. Method 1: download the entire 'after' directory and put in your plugin directory.
  2. Method 2: Use pathogen or vundle to clone this repo.

    1. add the following line in your vimrc to let pathogen recognize the 'after' folder.

    call pathogen#incubate("after")

How to use

  1. echofunc.vim get function information from tags file. So first of all you need to create tags for your code. Use the following command to generate tags with language and signature fields: $ctags -R --fields=+lS .
  2. echofunc.vim maps ( in insert mode in order to automatically display function info after left bracket is pressed. So please make sure the left bracket ( is not mapped by other plugins. You may check it using :imap (.
  3. The function info is displayed in message line by default. Since the message line may be flushed by other trivial messages, a better way is to show function info in status line by appendding %{EchoFuncGetStatusLine()} into your statusline option.
  4. Another feature of echofunc.vim is to privide a balloon tip when the mouse cursor hovers a function name, macro name, etc. This feature is enabled when +balloon_eval is compiled in.