Repository for my journey through the #7languages7weeks challenge, plus blog.
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#7languages7weeks Challenge

This is a repository documenting my journey through the #7languages7weeks challenge.

Others joining in on the adventure can fork this repository. It contains the following branches:

  • master - its purpose is to act as a scratchpad for the participant.
  • book - its purpose is to provide quick access to the book code examples as you can download them from Pragmatic Programmers website.
  • gh-pages - its purpose is to provide a home for a blog site that is based on Jekyll conventions such that GitHub will automatically generate the site upon pushing the branch to your GitHub repository. You will be able to see the generated blog site at http://{{user}} where {{user}} is your GitHub username.


The code in this repository is based on the following book from Pragmatic Programmers:

First I imported the source code of the book, which is available for download on the Pragmatic Programmers website into the book branch.

The master branch, as mentioned above, will be used as a scratchpad area for the participant to work within.


Amendments to this repository will be made by

--add your info below instead of mine--

--add your info above instead of mine--

Newcomers should fork 7languages7weeks repository to start in their journey:


--express your content modifications license below--

All code changes and content from blog posts found on the blog site are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license.